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Bed with mattress fabrics and panel fabrics by Monks International

With over 180 years of experience, Monks creates and produces mid-end woven and knitted bed fabrics that can be entirely adjusted to your taste.

With over 180 years of experience, Monks International creates and produces mattress and bed fabrics. Thanks to the wide selection of fabrics, that can all be adjusted to your taste, the company offers the possibility to make a personalised statement in the global textile market.

Monks International is specialised in designing and manufacturing woven and knitted fabrics. It is located in Belgium and is completely vertically integrated with an in-house design team, a yarn extrusion plant, a yarn and fabric dye-house, a weaving mill, a knitting mill, a finishing plant, and a specialised quality assurance laboratory. Today, the company exports its bedding fabrics to mattress manufacturers in more than 60 different countries.


Fit to Win by Monks

Fit to Win

Inspired by vibrant sportswear, colour enters the bedroom and is ready to get away with all the attention.

Prisma by Monks


Headboard & border collection with unique multi-coloured yarns and excellent colour fastness.

Colour Sells by Monks

Colour Sells

Help your mattress, bed and headboard make an unforgettable first impression.