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Mattress & bed fabrics

Pieters Textiel mattress and bed fabrics

Creator of tailor-made designs, producer of high-end knitted and woven bedding fabrics.

Pieters Textiel is a manufacturer of high-end mattress and bed fabrics. Its knitted and woven fabrics are all designed by its in-house design team and can be adjusted to meet your demands. Thanks to the vertically-integrated facility, the company can monitor every step of the production process.

Pieters Textiel was founded in 1934 and evolved from a commission weaver to an independent weaving mill with its own fabric collection. Up to today, the company has been innovating its technologies in order to guarantee an efficient production process and qualitative fabrics.


EverJean by Pieters Textiel


Your old denim trousers are here to stay. Introducing EverJean, a sustainable second life as fabric for your bed or mattress.

EverGreen by Pieters Textiel


Boxspring fabrics that are completely recyclable, from fabric to backing.

L.E.A.F. by Pieters Textiel


Love Environment and Fabrics, a collection of all sustainable fabrics in our range.

Maggiore by Pieters Textiel


Coarser upholstery yarns & unique fabric width of 220 cm.

Pecorelle by Pieters Textiel


Mattress & upholstery-style fabrics with a touch of wool.

Supreme by Pieters Textiel


Mattress fabrics knitted on special machines for an incredible soft touch.

Exquisite by Pieters Textiel


High-definition, no-repeat designs with 1000 dots per cm².

La Lys by Pieters Textiel

La Lys

Luxurious fabrics with linen for sustainability & breathability.

Par Excellence by Pieters Textiel

Par Excellence

High-end wovens to make your mattress stand out from the crowd.

Knus by Pieters Textiel


Sophisticated upholstery-style fabrics on 210/220 cm width for your boxspring.

Modena by Pieters Textiel


Extra soft voluminous knits for mattresses, for the perfect night's sleep.