1. The mattresses that support you.
  2. The sofas that comfort you.
  3. The curtains that finish your home.
  4. The textiles that turn it into a warm place.

What if they could talk?

They would tell stories of dedicated experts working hard to develop fabrics that are easier to clean. That make mattresses softer, yet more supportive.

They would talk about explorers looking for the most beautiful fabrics. About designers developing the most refined jacquards.

They would speak of halls full of the widest range of colours and textures, to give people a wide choice to personalise their homes.

If only they could talk.

Well, now they can.

Love Home Fabrics is a unique quality label that joins twelve premium interior textile brands worldwide. By joining their forces, we can now offer you all different types of interior fabrics in just one go. Dressing your home has never been easier, with mattress fabrics, bed fabrics, latex foam, upholstery (style) fabrics, curtain fabrics, and bath and kitchen linen under one roof.

The Love Home Fabrics label was designed to make people aware of the qualitative fabrics in their furniture and homes. Next to being a sign of quality to both professionals and end consumers, it also indicates a shared vision of bringing you convenient, innovative and beautiful fabrics that are designed and manufactured with the greatest care. We owe it to the people who made them, and we most definitely owe it to you.

Our goal is to become a reference. A reference for our wide range and high quality; a reference in proximity; a reference in beauty and design; a reference in innovation and convenience; and a reference in market leadership. Thanks to over 1.500 experienced employees worldwide, we believe we can become that reference.

Love Home Fabrics was established in 2017 and has hubs in Belgium, the USA, India, and China. Together with the dozens of agents we work with across the world, we are close to you at every waking hour, wherever you live.